Lomboks Waterfalls You can never tire of the wonder of a great waterfall, and Lombok’s waterfalls not just good, they are fantastic! With the amazing Mount Rinjani volcano (which by the way is the second largest volcano in Indonesia, and is so large it creates its own weather patterns) collecting vast amounts of water from its upper reaches, and then directing them into fast flowing channels and waterfalls, Lombok simply has the most spectacular waterfalls, many of which you can swim in! The water from all these waterfalls does not go to waste, it is channelled into irrigation structures which feed into the high altitude rice paddies, and from there, the excess feeds into the many streams and rivers which supply clean water to the many small villages dotted around the base of the volcano.
Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfalls, Lombok Gangga Waterfalls, Lombok
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