Mount Rinjani volcano Located to the north of Lombok, but visible from almost anywhere on the island is the imposing structure of Mount Rinjani volcano, which sits at a massive 3.7km high! Indonesia sits atop “The Ring of Fire”, a meeting of the massive tectonic plates below the surface of the earth, and whose movements create violent, but often beautiful events, such as volcanic eruptions.  Mount Rinjani is the second largest volcano in the whole of Indonesia, and is so large that at times it creates its own weather. It is believed that a massive eruption by Mount Rinjani in 1257 may have been the cause for numerous failed crop harvests in a widespread area of the earth, and possibly a period of global cooling due to the volcanic ash released into the atmosphere. Last erupting in May 2010, Mount Rinjani lies in what is known as “The Sunda Arc”, a region containing some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. The crater located at the top of Mount Rinjani is partially filled with water of a deep blue in colour, forming a “crater lake” The volcano is held in mystical belief that it is the residence of gods. The rich volcanic ash which has settled on the steep slopes provides a rich growing surface at the lower slopes, which have quickly evolved into lush tropical jungle, intermingled with fast-flowing streams and rivlettes that form some beautiful waterfalls as the volume of water increases.
Mount Rinjani Voclano and Crater Lake Mount Rinjani Voclano and Crater Lake Mount Rinjani Voclano Mount Rinjani Voclano and Crater Lake at sunrise
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