Transport options Getting around Lombok can be fun if you are prepared to step outside of your usual means of transport, after all, it’s not everywhere that has horse drawn carts for use as public taxis! Taxis   Lombok has ‘Blue Taxis’ (yes, that is the colour of them) which use meters to calculate the cost of the journey.  Make sure the driver switches the meter on when you first start the journey, and only pay the amount shown on the meter at the end of the trip. Public Bus Unless you are really on a shoe-string budget, avoid the public buses.  They are usually overcrowded and crazy! Private Car You can always find a private car for rent… simply ask at the reception desk of your hotel / resort, and they will call one for you.  Always set the price for the journey before you set off (a good tip is to ask reception how much it should cost) Cidomo (horse drawn cart pronounced “Chi-Doe-Moe”) Want a bit of fun and novelty?  This is the way to go if you have nerves of steel and aren’t in a rush to go anywhere!  A good tip is don’t look back at the 2,000 cars waiting to get around you. Transfers to / from the airport It is best to arrange your transport before arriving at the airport to avoid the dealers who will want your first born child or similar price to take you anywhere!  Avoid them at all costs, just insist you already have a driver.  If you require a simple transfer either way, simply email us and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you so all you need to do is leave the airport terminal and into the arms of your driver.
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