Lombok’s original peoples The indigenous peoples of Lombok, known as the ‘Sasaks’ converted to Islam some time around the 16th century, often mixing Islamic beliefs with the Hindu and Buddhist religions, which led to the creation of a religion found only on Lombok, the Wetu Telu religion.  This religion is still practised, but mainly in the northern areas of Lombok around Bayan.  It is here that the oldest mosque on Lombok, the ‘Bayan Mosque’, which is estimated to be 500 years old, can be found. Most of the Sasaks are adherents to the Waktu Lima line of Islam, which means “Five Times”… this means they pray 5 times each day, while followers of Wetu Telu pray 3 times per day. There are numerous various Sasak dialects, depending on the location of the people and their village, though today most speak Bahasa Indonesia as well as their traditional dialects. A visit to Lombok is not complete without a visit to a traditional Sasak Village where visitors are welcome to walk through the village.  Sukarara Village is a prime example.  A small donation and guide fee is requested at the beginning of the tour, which is led by a local inhabitant of the village. You are free to take photographs, and they offer some excellent local textiles too.
Sasak Culture is alive and well on Lombok Sasak village, Sukarara, Lombok
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