Restaurants & Bars Lombok offers a wide range of dining experiences, from the local Indonesian foods right up to the highest level international cuisines.  With many international standard hotels and resorts on offer, their restaurants are of the highest standard. One of our personal favourites in the Senggigi area is ‘The Square’… great food, fun staff, and very professional throughout!  And to top it off, there is an open bar right upstairs where, if you are so inclined, you may get a chance on the microphone too! Just down the road, but still in Senggigi is ‘The Happy Bar’… almost always packed and full of fun people, this is the place if you want to party late into the night. One note about drinking alcohol on Lombok.  DO NOT walk down the street with an open beer in your hand… Lombok is not Bali.  While some visitors to Bali think it is alright to do this, it is not!  You must remember you are in a predominantly Muslim country, and this type of conduct is considered an affront to Islam.  You have been warned! Also, stay away from cocktails, which may be mixed with locally produced rice wine called ‘Arak’.  While generally safe, there have been several deaths over the past years from poor quality product, and what doesn’t kill you will probably send you blind.  If you are drinking in the better quality places, you don’t need to worry, but if you are walking down the road and see a barman “refilling the spirit bottles”, I would definitely not drink there!  If you need to have a sign like the one below, you should probably not drink in this premise either! Every business offers Halal food options, and vegetarian dishes are also readily available. One point of great importance, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER OUT OF THE TAPS!  Use bottled mineral water for every thing… quality accommodation houses supply free bottled water, so use it for drinking, mouth-washing, teeth cleaning etc.
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