Cultural Attractions Due to the diversity of races and cultural beliefs of Lombok’s forefathers, Lombok today is a real mix of cultures and religious beliefs which include the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism,as well as Christianity which have been fused together to create a quite unique culture of its own. Lombok has been visited by Chinese travellers since time immemorial, and even today relics of their past visits may be found.  More recently, Dutch traders travelled this region, trading goods for the European market. The diversity of its people is reflected in numerous temples around Lombok, many dating back to the 1700’s. We highly recommend a visit to Pura Lingsar (a temple compound), Pura Meru (the second most important Hindu temple), Gunung Pengsong and Po Hwa Kong.  Po Hwa Kong is a historic Chinese temple, but is used by all faiths. You will also find Narmada Water Temple well worth a visit… offering extensive lakes and gardens, it is highly recommended. An entry donation is required at all sites (this goes toward the site upkeep) for entry.  
Narmada Water Temple Pura Suranadi Temple Religious icons of Lombok Pura Lingsar Temple, Lombok
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