The Arts & Crafts of Lombok The variety and quality of the traditional arts and crafts of Lombok is mind boggling! The cultural diversity of the people of Lombok is directly reflected in the goods that are manufactured. Individual villages often specialise in one type of craft, for example the weaving of Ratan, or high quality textiles where the pattern to be woven is handed down from generation to generation, not by the handing down of any documents or records, but the patterns are memorised, and then passed to that persons children who also become artisans. Wood carving, stone carving, Batik painting and pottery are but a few of the diverse range of arts and crafts. We highly recommend a visit to Sade Traditional Weaving Village. A co-operative has been established here which represents a very diverse range of traditional weavers from around the area, and of course a very diverse range of patterns and colours are represented in the finished textiles. ‘Back Strap Weaving’ (shown in the background of this page) uses the weavers own back to keep the weaving loom at just the right tension to ensure a quality, long lasting product.  This age old technique is rarely used anywhere else in the world. If you have even the slightest interest in unusual pottery, a visit to one of the potting villages in essential.  The wide diversity of products have become incredibly popular world-wide, and they will even arrange boxing and freight for you. Lombok pottery does not use any mechanisation, instead the wheel is spun by hand, and the product slowly takes form by adding additional clay to the top, and then pressing into shape with the fingers.
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